Science is now understanding that each of us can be thought of as a reality generator…you have the power to create your own reality. And you do. Even if you do not realize it. What you agree to becomes your reality if you do not take the time to craft a reality of you own design.

The ancient civilizations apparently understood this more than we do today. But humanity is discovering more and more clues to this actuality every day.

Take time to really imagine what you want to manifest. Add energy, design, form to it as a plan set before you. Some create vision boards, but it is even deeper than that. How do you define yourself? This is central to effective visualization.

We are each living the reality we created for ourselves. Even our challenges are part of the process of lessons to become more apt and able beings. Life is truly a miracle, every day and every moment. We knew this as children. It is never too late to remember how amazing you truly are in your ability to change your perception and create from the very fabric of reality.