Meditation is a method which can be used to bring your mind back to center, or “still-the-mind” from distracting, cluttered thoughts–thoughts which are other than the experience of you dwelling in your highest truth. It can be used to clear yourself of negative thoughts and energy. Clearing your mind and subtle energy bodies allow you space to receive messages or to hear your inner voice better, especially if you are unclear on a matter or need answers. Meditation can be used to obtain such clarity.

Meditation, at its highest realization, empowers you to experience the basic fabric of reality and to orchestrate your course as you will. It can help you to align and connect to your mind, body and spirit, thereby setting the tone for powerful manifestation to happen.

There are many different ways to meditate and even different types of meditation to produce different results. The most common or standard way of meditating is “breathing meditation” where you are focusing on every breath being deep and slow. Sometimes, meditation can look like sleep. Sometimes, we are just dozing off in the middle of intended meditation. LOL Sometimes, we are in active meditation, going about our regular activities and still in a meditative mind–it is what we would call “walking meditation”. The key thing in any form of meditation is to follow your intuition on what to do.