ARVHUTA is a life-enhancement technique which conceptualizes each our existence as a cuboidal intersection of six different planes or fields of human endeavor.

“Whatever the mind focuses on expands”

By viewing yourself as a central sun radiating light or attention to each of these planes to keep them growing and equi-planar, you create a more active, balanced life.

By neglecting or ignoring any of the planes of existence, it begins to shrink and your cube begins to get warped and misshapen.

The planes are as follows:

AHRALURAE ZHAI: Spirituality

RHAZHRESON: Physicality

VAERDANE: Commerce or Exchange


USEADEV: Intellectual Development, Learning

THRELAOKWESARI: Interactivity, Family, Community, Unity, Sharing

AHITUHNDANEY: Central Being, Stillness, Meditation