It is important to have at least one place in your home where you remember your purpose, signify what’s important to you, dedicate it to peace and love and balance in your life.

Depending upon your inherited or chosen traditions, having (an) altar(s) or special place(s) of observance can be very helpful in honoring ancestors, acknowledging deities, holding energetic space, remembering purpose and intentions.

The AHRAYAHN Family has decided that each of us should see our own bodies as altars to the manifestation of our purposes. In this sense, it is important to adorn yourself accordingly, eat the foods which are appropriate to proper functioning of the body and to make certain the utterances of our lips edify the best possible life we can imagine for ourselves, help and edify others, that what we watch in media is either for elevating purposes, reading to interpret a higher thought, or to relate to the trials of others to assess situations and come up with solutions to life’s challenges.