SWEET MEMORIES OF AHSA’IR by Ahreyius Ahrayahn


Ahsa’ir Arrokan Ahrayahn.  The product of our love.  Birth, life, change.  Ahsa’ir was a powerful life force.  We put love into the pregnancy, this powerful being was incubating.  When he came out, like a tornado, he changed many things very quickly.

He awakened the powers of the people who were around him. My sister had suppressed her ability to sense spirits. When we came around her with Ahsa’ir in mommy’s tummy, my sister began to sense spirits again.  She would hear a baby cry the nights leading up to his birth and she would sense spirits in houses that she had entered.

Ahsa’ir had the power to change the heart of disproving parents.  For the entirety of my marriage, my parents had been disproving.  Only when Ahsa’ir came into the picture did my family begin to get over their disapproval and want to mend and also build upon our relationship.

The power to bring family together. Family that I have not seen in years wanted to get together to celebrate and support the coming of Ahsa’ir. Family that had rejected my decision to marry put aside their negativity to be part of Ahsa’ir’s life.

The power to bring sisters together like never before.  Much needed sister energy that my wife had been missing had been brought to us with the coming of Ahsa’ir.  He knew the need and he brought the solution into existence.

He brought the power to heal the past devastation of mothers to be.  His life allowed women that we had never met to speak on and release the negative energy that they had been holding on to about their miscarriages, mishaps, and broken relationships.  These women were able to set themselves free through the life of our son.

The power to change the direction of an entire family in just 4 days.  Those 4 days seemed like months.  We had come together like never before.  Only love and support were in our hearts and on our minds. I was filled with the desire to better myself and rid myself of all self doubt.  Many other things blossomed from this experience in our family.

I admit that his transition was painful. I would have liked to have him here with us longer, but I am not focused on that.  I want everyone to remember him as the being that had brought us many great things and these things cannot be measured with worldly instruments.  Ahsa’ir  is a spiritual being and works in that manner.  He has shown me that magic is real and that this world is not everything, but just a fraction of existence.

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Mama Sarahn

Life is interesting. Sometimes it does take the work of innocent lives, so young and so pure to bring the best out of each of us. When I look at the picture of your son lying next to you, it makes me feel eternally grateful that you had that moment of love bonded between the two of you. A bond and a love that will always be there in your heart, in your memory in every cell of your body. Blessings always….. Mama Sarahn


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