We live very full and abundant lives and although we enjoy great interaction within the social media milieu our core existence is very private. That is why we do not talk a lot on social media. As photographers we let our photos do most of the talking….

But this is a special occasion and we feel it is important to share.

AHSA’IR ARROKON AHRAYAHN was born very quickly at 4:23am on Sunday Sept. 28 2014 amidst much anticipation and jubilation. After a whirling series of events which seems more like a dream than reality, late last night/early this morning at 1:04 our newborn passed away at Egleston Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Hospital.

He had been diagnosed with a rare and random condition called Trisomy 18/ Edward’s Syndrome.

Four days! Just four days and we will never be the same. We have been blessed so much by his presence.

He was a marvelous mutant with an Xtra 18th chromosome, the glimpse of a three-strand DNA wunderkind. Sadly this world and this time can’t accommodate such ones and their complicated and delicate systems. Maybe if he could have been whisked away to the far-future like the X-Men Cable, we’d have the opportunity to see him again as an adult man a powerful hero!

Instead he was our hero! He is our PHOENIX rising from the ashes! He fought valiantly for life. He connected with each of us in such a special direct and intentional way. He opened all of our hearts immensely. And we barely knew him. But we KNEW him and we loved him. He passed knowing our love.

He came out of the womb not crying but cooing and seeming to talk. His gaze at each of us seemed so intentional so penetrating. He spoke to our souls. He conveyed meaning.

He came peacefully and he left peacefully. Amongst family. Amongst community. Amongst a tremendous out-pouring of love. He has been a catalyst for so much spiritual growth, familial healing and evolutionary manifestation. He has signified a turning point in our immediate and extended family as well as all of you amazing souls who we have not yet and may never meet but who are nonetheless a part of our daily existences via social media.

We thank you so very much for all of the well wishes for our newborn and a heartfelt thanks in advance for your condolences. We do not believe in death per se as energy can be neither created nor destroyed so consciousness continues to transcend. Know that we do not see death as an end. AHSA’IR is still with us and will always be. He is now born into the spirit realm having ascended into a higher plane of being.

Blessings to you all.


It is so.

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